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The Innosilicon T2T 25T is an ASIC mining machine made by Innosilicon, a cutting-edge business that creates Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) miners.

The SHA-256 algorithm is used by the Innosilicon T2T 25T, which was introduced in October 2018. The gadget contains a more powerful ASIC chip, which increases mining productivity and efficiency.

The Innosilicon T2T 25T can mine up to 40 different currencies, although its primary coins are Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The Innosilicon T2T 25T features four separate operating modes, each with its own hash rate, power consumption, and efficiency.

The device uses a 10nm chip and has two alternative operating modes, which are identical but have different frequencies. These modes are tied to an overclocked frequency and are used for overclocking.

When the miner is set to “performance+mode,” the miner automatically determines an appropriate frequency depending on the voltage and power supply; this procedure is automated and does not need automatic overclocking.

The power consumption of the gadget is in a different mode. Greater frequencies use more power, resulting in higher electricity expenses.

The Innosilicon T2T 25T uses 2050W of total power and 25TH/s of hashing power. The T2T 25T weights 9kg and contains a power supply unit. Its dimensions are 141 x 220 x 391mm, and it has an Ethernet network port. For heat dissipation and air circulation, the device contains two fans at the front and end.

The noise level of the Innosilcon T2T 25T miner is around 75db, which is comparable to a vacuum cleaner.

T2T-25T Miner has 4 work modes as follows:

Miner Innosilicon T2T-25T
Performance / High power Mode Factory Mode /Default
(Recommended mode)
Balanced Mode Efficiency Mode
Hash Rate 25T±5% 23T±5% 21T±5% 20T±5%
Power 2050W+10% 1880W+10% 1550W+10% 1360W+10%

You can choose any kind of work mode as you wish. INNOSILICON T2T-25T Miner will help you go through the bear market and occupy the leading position in the bull market.

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